Week 6

I asked two people to watch the third draft of my video. One person liked the green on Bill's lines but thought it was a little hard to read at the end. I didn't think that was a problem, but I considered it when changing the colors. Another person suggested changing Jake's words to a mustard color instead of the white. I didn't know what color I wanted his words to be, but I agreed that it needed to change. She also noticed that some letters with apostrophes needed to be kerned in more. I noticed this too. In class, the major criticism was the colors of the two people talking. Again I agreed. Some people thought that some of the words I emphasized could be changed to bold. There were other minor critiques like the word "KILLED" over "FRANK," the word "HER" pulsing out, and the explosion over the word "KILL."

This is the finished kinetic typography video of 11.22.63. I changed the background to a dark green/gray color that doesn't gradually get darker throughout the video. I thought this was best because at some points, it's hard to see the words on screen. I also changed Jake's lines to a dark blue color and Bill's lines to a yellow/tan color. The font, Ayuthaya, only came in regular, so I changed the font to Menlo so I could bold some words. For the effects, I changed the minor critiques mentioned above. I also decided to change the text placements of the last 15 seconds. I didn't really like the the whole sentence starting with "SEEMS TO ME LIKE..." going across the screen.