Week 3

This is the first draft of my kinetic typography video of 11.22.63. I have added all the words from the dialogue into the video, but have not finished animating them. I chose the font, Ayuthaya, because it's not fancy. I want the words to be clear and simple so that I could play around with the color and size more. I have also condensed the kerning, because the two characters are talking very close to each other. Jake's lines are white, because he doesn't belong in the past. Bill's lines are dark green, becuase he hates Frank. The background starts off as a light gray that gradually gets darker throughout the whole video. This scene is at nighttime, so I wanted to show that visually. Also, it's leading up to murders. Furthermore, the red words throughout the video also refer to the murders. At the very end of the video, the dot on the question mark in "WHAT?" turns red. I did this, because in the opening sequence where they show the title, 11.22.63, the latter dot turns red.