11.22.63 is a novel by Stephen King that got turned into a Hulu mini series. Jake Epping is played by James Franco, and Bill Turcotte is played by George MacKay. Jake is a recently divorced English teacher from Maine. His friend, Al Templeton (played by Chris Cooper) tells Jake about this rabbit-hole that takes you back to Dallas, Texas, 1960. Al has spent his entire life attempting to prevent the assassination of JFK in November 1963. Now, Al wants Jake to take on the mission. While doing so, Jake runs into trouble trying to save other lives in the process.

I made this kinetic typography video for my DAAT 203 class. The scene I chose is from The Kill Floor episode where Jake is waiting outside Frank's house to kill him when Bill unexpectedly sneaks up behind Jake. For our videos, we had to take the dialogue and use After Effects to create moving text that relates to the scene and the movie/tv show as a whole.